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Spam Filter Express

Smart and effective anti spam software tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express
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27 January 2005

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    If you are still bothered by spam emails and need some software that really works; then use Spam Filter Express. This software is a reliable spam blocker which will effectively stop spam emails from pouring into mailbox without interfering with your legitimate email.
    This software is a very effective software which will block all junk emails without blocking any legitimate emails. It will not send any of your information so there is no information leak. This software uses Bayesian analysis of terms contained in each email to identify spam emails according to user’s decision. This software automatically learns from incoming mails as they are classified. Also, it quickly adapts to new junk email formats to stay one step ahead of spam senders. The allowed and blocked lists enable you to receive or filter out messages from specific email addresses.
    Also, this software is very easy to install and use, so you can be up and running in no time. Use this software and live a spam free life.

Publisher's description

Spam Filter Express is a smart, safe and stable anti spam tool, a reliable spam blocker to effectively stop spam from pouring into mailbox while ensuring legitimate email is delivered. This self-learning spam filter uses intelligent Bayesian filtering to automatically classify incoming emails as spam or non-spam without the need for maintaining dozens of rules or constant updates to be downloaded. Combined with the Allowed and Blocked lists filter, Spam Filter Express enables you to get emails from friends and family and blocks any unwanted spam emails with the best accuracy and the lowest false positive rate. Spam Filter Express integrates tightly with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express by automatically creating easy-to-use spam-fighting toolbar buttons and a spam folder to collect all emails identified as spam. When you buy Spam Filter Express, you get a one-time license, no subscription fees, which allows this spam blocker software to be used on both your work and home computers.
Spam Filter Express
Spam Filter Express
Version 2.01
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